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I worked on this video for 2-3 days and then when I was done my screen was just black my whole video was black and it kinda made me mad because I just got this app and it already "glitched" or "broke" on me. Just please try to respond as fast as you can. Plus it was all fine when I was finished. Nothing was wrong it was fine the settings was fine and everything. I cant stop ranting about this because Im really trying on YouTube and my new video just breaks. The composite files parts is fine its just when I go into editor its all black. nd plus there no way to save your composite files I think.


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    @datacordsyt I'm not sure what is going on with the black editor screen (I'm just a fellow User here most all of us are), but if you save you project (.hfp) it saves all composites that you have created along with the Editor timeline.  Also, (not related to your question) if you accidentally close a Composite it can reopened and a tab placed above the timeline again by double clicking it in the media bin.  Do you have any way of capturing a screen shot of you UI with your project open?  It might help to "see" what you're getting.  But on an off chance there is a check box somewhere that disables the video portion of an export.  Are you getting sound at all?  I'll try and find the location of that just in case.

    Edit: Ok, in the Export settings, click on the Tab that says Presets. Under whichever preset you are using to export, right click on it and select edit preset.  This opens a window that has the name etc and in the bottom section are properties.  There is a check box for Video and Audio.  Make sure these are checked.  Just tried it with Video unchecked and I got a black export so that may be the issue.  Hope it helps.  If not, a screen shot might help like I said, and the gurus on the board will need to know what your specs are to better help troubleshoot things.

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    @datacordsyt more information would help here please. It would be worthwhile to have more detailed description of your issue: is the black screen in the software, after export, etc.

    Would also be worthwhile to know your machine specs please.