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Hello, I have an audio recording (baby’s heartbeat) however, it is blighted by a ticking clock. I am in no way at all technical, but any recommendations much appreciated. My brother thinks it may have to remain “as is” as it would leave a strange pause between the heartbeats. Thank you!


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    Izotope RX or maybe manually delete the click and overwrite it with the sound of one of the "silent" parts of the clip.

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    @lj86 I am not at all conversant in this but I seem to think there is a method in Audacity where if you can get a sample of the ticking clock by itself you can use it to somehow filter that sound from your recording.  But as I say I have no experience at all in doing this.  @Triem23 is a sound guy, I am pretty sure, so maybe he can give details if I am recalling something correctly.

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    You got it @tddavis

    You can use the effect Noise Reduction to remove unwanted sounds

    Select the audio clip. Highlight area to analyze.  Add the effect Noise Reduction. Select Get Noise Profile. Select entire audio clip again. Goto Effects/Noise Reduction again and select OK.

    Clicking clock sound should be removed.

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    @GrayMotion Thanks for confirming I wasn't in left field. @lj86 What he said ^^^ And, BTW, I should have mentioned that Audacity is a free program if you've never heard of it.

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    I have not used audacity for quite a while, so things may have changed, but the noise reduction tool in it used to be good for hums, hiss and other continuous, regular noises (think fridges and ACs) but not so much for a noise like a tick of a watch.  Please, let us know if it works, because I'd definitely be interested. 

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