K-Lite Codec Pack

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Hi, anyone used the K-Lite Codec Pack for Windows. I just tried it to fix the rather annoying issue with Windows 10 not being able to play videos from the my Android phone because it was in an unsupported (was in Win7) codec (mp42 (isom/mp42). Anyway once I installed this Windows Media player was able to play the videos. 


Anyone else had this issue and tried this?

I have put it on my new VFXLists link site for future reference. https://tagpacker.com/user/VFXLists


  • NormanPCN
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    That codec pack, and most like it, are fine for Media Players that utilize the old DirectShow interface of Windows. That is what K-lite installs. DirectShow decoders. Windows Media Player is an old player that uses the DirectShow interface. In Windows 10, the system Movies and TV player uses Media Foundation interface and as such does not utilize the K-lite or similar codec pack. A player like Media Player Classic Home Cinema uses DirectShow. A player like VLC is self contained and uses nothing external.

    Your issue was probably due to that DirectShow never supported HEVC video and your Android phone was probably outputting that. MS never added an HEVC decoder to DirectShow because they switched to Media Foundation as HEVC was starting to become popular.

    I don't think any video editor uses DirectShow.

  • Andy001z
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    @normanpcn interesting, I could not find anything to make the new W10 movies and TV application work with my phone videos.