Camera decision...frankly impossible

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I am looking for a new camera to replace my FZ300 (great camera but horrible low light performance)
My budget is of about 800-900$ to buy ONLY the camera body.
I have always had problems when it comes to deciding cameras, the market is really wide these days. Lot´s of options all with pros and cons...
I will mainly use the camera for filmmaking (videos) and I am struggling to decide between these products (do feel free to recommend me any other):

-Fuji X-T30: Great video, no OIS, not a wide range of lenses, APS-C sensor
-Lumix G85: Decent video, OIS, wide and cheap range of lenses, micro 4/3
-Canon EOS M50
-Olympus E-M10 Mark whatever...

Any other option I should consider?
What camera do you recommend to me?

(Looking for decent low light, wide dynamic range, OIS if possible although it is not essential, decent colour palette, decent codec...)




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