Video Lag because of GPU?

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Hello, I have realized that Hitfilm Express needs like a good GPU to run, and lately with my footage, they lag for some reason. I am thinking the reason because of this is because of the fact that my PC isn't that high in gaming techs. For my GPU, I use a AMD Radeon RX 560. Is that any good for Hitfilm? Or like a way to stop somewhat lag in the footage?


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    @the_birdman I cannot speak to the GPU you listed as I'm not a spec guy and have never used that one, but about the best ways I know to mitigate laggy footage is the make sure it is a Hitfilm-friendly format for editing by transcoding with something like Handbrake.  A lot of people have trouble with MP4 in Hitfilm editing but I never have, now .m2ts gets rather laggy for me.  There are some threads on here about best formats and to be honest I couldn't say one over the other.  Also, you can make sure you viewer playback settings are reduced to help on the occasion that the GPU might not be powerful enough.  They can be found at the bottom right of the Viewer window.  You might try 1/2 if you are on full now and then if that doesn't help much, go to 1/4.  There are different levels one for Paused, and Playback.  Hope this helps you out at least until someone mor knowledgeable than I can drop in. :)

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    the_birdman; As you have previously mentioned, hitfilm is (for the most part) OpenGL based. That means it mostly uses the GPU to render. An AMD Radeon RX 560 is optimum for hitfilm in certain situations. There are certain tasks that even a 2080Ti can´t handle. Furthermore, hitfilm is known to behave badly on most systems since it is frankly terrible when it comes to performance. Even with my 2070super and overclocked 9900K I have suffered from a laggy experience on tasks that are supposed not to be hardware consuming. That, of course, does not mean that hitfilm is a bad product. I love it. But it is SLOW.
    A direct answer to your question is: it depends. Your GPU will work well for certain tasks, for others, it just won´t be enough. As @tddavis has said, try to decrease the viewer resolution to 1/2 or 1/4. I would also recommend you to use Handbrake to transcode footage, it may lighten things up. Do not expect Davinci resolve performance, though. Hope I´ve helped...

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