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Here is my green screen image.
I can not figure out how to knockout the person while stopping random parts of the reflective vest as well as random squares on the flannel shirt from getting partially knocked out too. Help please. 


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     @FXhomer84909 Is this what you are looking to do:

    If yes, I don't have Photokey 8 so I used Hitfilm Pro 14.3 and the color difference key, and tweaked around on the Min and Max and Gamma settings.  I added a spill removal effect for extra clean up, then to restore those parts of the white reflective strips (that must be catching green from the background) I used the pen tool to draw a rough mask around the vest and shirt area being careful near the edges to miss the background and layered it over the image.  Hope this helps.

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    @tddavis @FXHomer84909

    Whether Hitfilm, Photokey, Imerge or something else remember you can stack keyers.

    Terry, your first key is pretty good, but you'll see that a lot of the shadows on the screen are still their. Rather than forcing a single keyer to try and catch everything (while increases risk of picking up reflection spill or that yellow/green stripe) you can key the main green, then add a second keyer and eyedropper the shadows.

    Also note in the spill shadow how blocky it is. This is a highly compressed JPEG image, and those blocky areas will be hard to key without spill.

    I don't have Photokey, so i don't know if it has a Chroma/UV blur or the ability to use mattes (A matte is using the information from layer B to clip layer A). It's often smarter (especially with highly compresses images) to work on a COPY of the image that's had a chroma or UV blur added (note a Chroma or UV blur only blurs the hue information without touching luminance). The Chroma blur smooths out the green a bit for a cleaner key. Then this key would be applied as a matte to the main image. That way the main image isn't blurred.

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    @Triem23 I had never thought about trying to stack keys.  Great tip.  Thank you.

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    I don't have hitfilm since I'm not a video person. Also I need a solution for photokey 8 where it is one click solution. I have hundreds of these images to knockout. Currently I just fix it in photoshop after I use photokey 8, but that is so much manual time. 

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