Epic Darth Maul Fight with incredible Make-up!

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Hi fellow filmmakers!

I like to present to you a cool little Star Wars Fan-Film that we (Vi-Dan Tran & Shawn Bu from T7 Production) made recently. It's a lightsaber duel featuring Darth Maul and a Jedi with incredible make-up, action and amazing music!


We would be very happy if you give it a look and could give some feedback :)" alt="clear.png" />




You can also take a look at our Making Of video:

Have fun! :)" alt="clear.png" />


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    Wow the stills look great! If only YouTube was working here - I'll make a point of looking at it when I get home. 
  • Triem23
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    You, good sirs, are lucky to live in a time where combat-ready, light-up, high-quality lightsabers are readily available. You are right--the practical lighting on your actors from the sabers is what sells it. The choice of the black limbo set and point lighting made the sabers jump out.
    Your fight choreography was very nicely done, very tightly executed, framed nicely, and has a good, snappy edit, while remembering to make sure the audience can follow the action. Music was suitable for subject matter and mood.
    I wasn't a fan of the first Jedi's main scream at the beginning of the film at first, but, after watching the BTS, I see why you did it.
    Excellent work! Sorry you weren't able to shoot your whole mass battle, but the cliffhanger works, and shooting a complicated fight scene in a single, 7-hour night is really a tough job!
    Finally, that's a sweet bit of concept art!
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    Hi Trien23, thanks for the lenghty comment! Really appreciate it! Glad that you liked it!
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    You're welcome, and I did--to be blunt, everyone and his or her dog has done a lightsaber battle--I think it's a rule that if you're playing with VFX you do lightsabers. Most of em just suck. They're badly shot or badly staged. It's a rare thing for a fan battle to be good, but when a fan battle hits it right, they can even outdo the actual Saga.
    This was very good! Oh, to elaborate about the Jedi" Because, of course, we know "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to the Dark Side," the initial scream of your main Jedi read to me like rage--which means he's kind of already lost. After the BTS, I now get that it was fear. Slightly different from rage, but certainly enough to slow this Jedi Knight down...
    Of course, being an epic fight scene shot in one night we didn't get to follow that Jedi on his journey until, faced with Darth Maul, he can no longer keep his control. But, hey, it's a strong, attention-getting cold open, and just because I didn't get it doesn't mean everyone else won't. :-)
    So, since this is a Hitfilm forumn, what did you use Hitfilm for? basically, I see two possible places--either you found it your fastest lightsaber roto, or you loved it's color grading.
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    That's was very impressive.