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Hello everyone,

So about a month ago I decided to write a short story for a short film. It's called "That Night". While writing this story I was really inspired by the ending twist in M. Night Shyamalan's "The Sixth Sense". I'm 15 and looking for some advice in writing stories for films as I want to go to a film school. I might turn this into a short film one day but would need to find some friends that are willing to do some acting, do you guys think this story can be well translated into a short film? I put the link to the Google Docs file down here, let me know what you think! auto clicker



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    Dude, can't see the link!

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    @nightlogic Yeah, no link for me either, but I believe any story can be translated to film.  You just have to get creative with the parts that are narration or thoughts inside a character's head.  In print you read those, but have to find a way to "show" them on screen whether it's facial responses or even writing extra dialogue to detail those passages.

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    The Sixth Sense could definitely be a short film or even a single scene and still be hard hitting and understandable. You just need to pick the most important elements. As good as it is there are only really two elements that are needed to get the message across for Sixth Sense.
    That's the difference with a short : The characters have to be up and running VERY quickly and every line/scene has to count.

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    Basically everything can be a story as long as it follow the principles of storytelling. Give an object a name and it turns into a character immediately. Create events, which will have consequences, regardless if it's a drama between people or just a scientific explanation of events; both things could be some kind of story of its own.

    You should check out Dan Harmons Story Circle:

    Ans also check out some (almost) similar principle of Thomas Pueyo:

    Another to-go rule, which is unbelievable simple yet effectice comes from the creators of south park. Replace all "AND THEN" with "BUT THEN" or "THEREFORE":

    Besides that there are so many more theories / principles about story telling. The most important rule might be: just do it! Write, write and write. (-;

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