Speed Ramping With Keyframes Problem

Hi, I am editing a gaming clip and right after I get a kill, I would like to speed it up until I begin shooting again, but I am using the Speed effect to make it look smoother with ramping. However, once I add the keyframe inbetween kills to speed up, the whole clip changes duration and speeds through the whole clip past where I wanted it to slow. I also tried using the slice tool to cut the part out that I want to speed up, but then the keyframe doesn't speed it up. Am I making a simple mistake? Please help.


  • Maatzey
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    Hi, I am new to HitFilm and I already like it. I wanted to do simple speed ramping. And i am at the same point as @felixberkan I have seen all YT videos and it seems not very intuitive but quite simple. I have created composite shot with one of my clips. Set three keyframes, set starting speed as 1, next speed as 0.4 and last one is again 1. Tried to change it to Bezier etc. The innitial clip i 7'40 and after slowing down it should be longer... it is not, not even a second!. When I play the preview it does not slow at all, the length of media file in the composite is still the same length, the clip plays at normal speed... I can see the speed value changing alongside the Bezier when I play it but that is nothing more. What am I doing wrong?