All Clips Scale Ruined

please help me, i worked for hours and just out of nowhere all my clips are not fitting and ruined the whole video, im super new and it seems like after one thing i changed all the clips got messed up, please help


  • to help understand better, the clips can fit to frame but the video in general is not filling up the whole box where the viewer is, i did some zoom in clips towards the end but i didnt know it would mess everything up


  • I am now trying to export the video, I was close to finishing so I hope itll continue to export the right way. If anyone can still comment and let me know what can cause the problem so I dont run into it again, I'll appreciate it. 

  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,898 Ambassador

    @felixberkan I assume you mean that things are off kilter in the Viewer.  If you have zoomed in or out with the mouse wheel or moved the video sideways you can go to the dropdown all the way to the right under the Viewer and scroll down to Scale to Fit.  That will put the view back to rights.

  • I appreciate it, if I have this problem again I will do that.