How do I make clips not delete portions of one another while moved around in the Editor?

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Whenever I use EDITOR and I want to move clips around I have to throw them all over the timeline because if they touch each other and overlap whichever one was on the top will remove portion of the one on the bottom. Is there a way to just move them around and in case they meet physically they just go one on top of one other or somehow stay unchanged? Like how do I pull a clip in between 2 clips and make that clip just push them. to each side and fit right in the middle rather than deleting pieces of both? Final Cut Pro does that automatically.

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    Unfortunately there's no setting that does what you want, at least in terms of cleanly making room in gap for a larger clip dragged in. 

    For what it's worth, if you hold the Shift key while moving clips left or right on the timeline, clips to the right on all tracks will shift farther to the right, but the amount they shift will be equivalent to the width of the clip you're moving, even if you only move that clip a little bit.

    If you hold Shift while dropping a clip into a gap where it won't fit, it will trim the clip on the left where the overlapping clip falls, and put the clipped piece at the end of the piece you're inserting.

    I've never used either of these features myself, but I'm just throwing them out there so you're aware of them, and in case you might find them useful.

    You can always post requests in the wishlist thread for anything you'd like the developers to consider adding.

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    @CleverTagline Thank you very much for your input. Yes I that makes editing a pain but I might get around it. It's just extra steps in my opinion. I will go try to use Shift and see if it makes things any easier. Thank you again.