Imerge 6 insufficient memory problem

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I have an issue when trying to edit a RAW photo. It's 14,2 MP only and as soon as I apply the denoiser in the RAW panel, I have an "insufficient memory" message.

My graphics card is an RTX2060 with 6GB memory, according to the crash log file it should handle a 32000x32000+ pixels image. When I have the message once, every action I try makes it pop up again until I restart Imerge.

No problem when using the denoiser effect.

Any idea ?


  • SamuelMorris
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    Hi @Deweak sorry to hear you're having problems. I've looked at the code and although it does look like it could use less memory than it currently does I think it is unlikely you are actually running out of memory. It is most likely a problem on our side.

    Could I get you to open a support ticket? If you open Imerge and hit Ctrl+Shift+O a dialog will open, at the bottom right of which is a button with "reveal log files". If you click this an explorer window will open with a directory in which will be some files like log.txt, log.txt.1, log.txt.2 and so on. If you could attach a couple of the most recent of these log files to the support ticket that would be helpful.

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    Good afternoon

    I just wanted to let you know that the issues you have been experiencing should now be resolved in the latest update of Imerge pro 8.1.

    You can access the latest installer from the link below.

    All the best and happy editing.

  • Deweak
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    Thanks for the info, but unfortunately my subscription ended one day before iMerge Pro 8 was released, and I struggled with this problem during the whole year I paid for. So you can understand that I'm not ready to renew my subcription now. Moreover, due to the new lockdown I have to save money since no job is coming...

  • triforcefx
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    @Deweak Certainly understandable, though it may be worth at least downloading 8.1 and using it in demo mode to see if it fixes the issue for you. Depending on that result, you will know if it’s worth your while to eventually renew your subscription.

  • NormanPCN
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    I think it probably is fixed for Deweak. I reported this same issue when I evaluated 8.0 on release. I never looked at Imerge previously. I reported on Oct 22 in the forum, Oct 23-26 via a support ticket and on Nov 2 the 8.1 update came out. Only thing in that update was this fix.

    My machine has a GTX 1080. The OP has a RTX 2060.

  • Deweak
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    I haven't upgraded to iMerge Pro 8 and I probably won't, until v9 is released. If I have to develop RAWs, I'll use other sofware and if I'm working with JPEGs, Hitfilm or the apps I'm using daily on my iPhone / iPad will be enough. As a Hitfilm Pro user since 2016, iMerge and even Action Pro buyer, I felt as a betrayal the release of iMerge Pro 8 the day just after my yearly subscribtion ends !