Pro Suite Bundle

blump56 Website User Posts: 6

Is there any point to getting the Pro Suite Bundle if you plan on just using HitFilm Pro? Does It add any exclusive features or anything like that?


  • triforcefx
    triforcefx United StatesModerator, Website User Posts: 1,261 Moderator

    Pro Suite includes Imerge and Ignite in addition to HitFilm Pro.

    Ignite is only for use in other video editors, so if you don’t use another video editor- and don’t plan on using one any time soon, the pro suite simply isn’t worth it. 

    Imerge is a pretty awesome image compositor and Lightroom alternative. If you’re interested in checking it out too, grab the Pro Creator bundle and save nearly $150 over Pro Suite.

    If you really just want HitFilm though, just buy HitFilm. The bundles don’t affect the features of HitFilm, other than it being cheaper than buying all of them separately. Occasionally, I believe they’ve thrown some extra stock footage in for bundles during a sale, but don’t count on that happening every time.

  • blump56
    blump56 Website User Posts: 6

    Ah, ok. Thank you for the info. I'll probably pick up Imerge but I'm definitely going to get HitFilm Pro.