Can I buy multiple PWYW packages?

I want to a get the first package of the pay what you want thing to unlock a few extra features, but at some point, I want to get a higher package. Can I buy another package at a later date, and if so, is it discounted since I already bought the first one? Thanks


  • StevenSpicer
    StevenSpicer Staff Posts: 47 Staff

    I'm afraid you'll only be able to purchase one Pay-What-You-Want tier for HitFilm Express on an account. You can however purchase additional add-on packs from the HitFilm Express addon store after making an initial Pay-What-You-Want purchase. You could also create a new account and purchase the higher tier on that account if you wanted to, though it obviously would not provide any discounts.

    I hope that helps,

    - Steven (FXhome Staff)