Composite Shot Question


  • lavieestun
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    The year is 2020, 5 years passed since the original passed, and Fxhome did nothing? Many other programs (Davinci Resolve for example) take you to the same timeline position in the composite shot. If only my computer had 32 gb Ram so I didn't have to deal with these simple stuff. I love almost everything in Hitfilm, accept that composite shots are not properly integrated with the program. I understand that After Effects project and Premiere Pro are separate and so on. But it is better to compare this to Resolve where you have similare compositing. Please FxHome, just borrow some of what Resolve is doing with its composites some of us can stop wishing we had 32 gbs of RAM.

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    @lavieestun I have split your comment into its own post for clarity.  Please state the specifics of your issue and please refrain from posting to old threads.