[ANSWERED] There is no mp3/wav export ?!

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Hi everyone, I'm back (for your bad luck) with a new problem, I need to export only the edited audio to do post production in another program but , I am wrong or is completely missing the possibility to export only the audio (mp3 or wav) of a timeline if not in mp4 without video track?

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  • Triem23
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    Only way to export audio only is to output video without video and remux/split the audio out in a different program. 

  • MattiaCuda
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    As a user I can't do anything else ... but the developers could add the option to export only the audio track.

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    There are two audio-only export options that I see in the presets:

    • AAC Audio Only (MP4)
    • Uncompressed Audio Only (MOV)

    Even though it's not an audio-only format (MP3/WAV), it still shows as audio only when imported (i.e. it's not black video with an audio track; it's truly audio only), and only shows up on the audio track when added to the timeline. Is there a reason one of those options won't work?

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    Yes, the problem is that if the client asks me for an mp3, I have to convert it first. Doesn't seem like a big deal right? but if you start making 15 a day it becomes a waste of time.
    In case you want to do the master on another program after editing an entire video? do I have to do the master from a compressed file in mp4?

    Edit: I forgot to say one thing, there is no "Uncompressed Audio Only (MOV)" option on my pc.
    Probably because I haven't installed quicktime at the moment

  • NormanPCN
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    "I forgot to say one thing, there is no "Uncompressed Audio Only (MOV)" option on my pc."

    Just create an audio only export preset for the MOV container type. Quicktime has nothing to do with it.

  • ManuelSenfft
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    Maybe this might also become handy for some of you: you can load many video formats in Audacity, which will only rip the audio from the video and then you can export it in another format. Audacity is free / open source: https://www.audacityteam.org/

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    @ManuelSenfft Thank you but seems like i'm the only who cares.

    I realized that I threw away my money and I was wrong to invest my time on this program ...

    This program is not up to my workflow.

  • ManuelSenfft
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    @MattiaCuda which programm? Audacity is open source. This is free. Hitfilm Express also is free. Hopefully you did not become a victim of a fraud!?

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    @ManuelSenfft Nono,I badly explained myself.
    I bought HitFilm PRO 14 ...

    EDIT : I actually bought the "Pro video bundle" that includes HitFilm Pro and Ignite Pro

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    Hm, what a bummer, if it not fits your workflow. Maybe you should still try it out more. Maybe you will begin to see what it can do for you, over time.

    Captain hinsight, here: next time I would recommend really digging into the free version of such software, before buying it. (-;

    Personal opinion: if I would 100% do this professionally, I probably would have bought the pro version already. At the moment I am still using Express and probably going to buy some Add-Ons when the time comes. (I am a professional composer ... so visuals are not my 100% main area, hehe).

  • MattiaCuda
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    I have been trying different programs for 10 years to find a way to replace the bundle of Adobe and Cinema4D and to be honest ... there is ABSOLUTELY nothing at the moment!
    I bought Vegas Pro and I immediately abandoned it because of how you are stuck with presets to render files. HitFilm Pro has so many problems that I wouldn't know where to start and therefore will end up as Vegas Pro. Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve is too limited in the free version ... but it honestly amazes me every day more and therefore I think after buying the full version, I will continue to use that.

    @ManuelSenfft If I have to be honest ... I don't recommend HitFilm Pro at full price ... if you find it on offer for example on HumbleBundle at € 30 ($ 33.69 US) at that point I "recommend" you to take it only and exclusively because at that price you can't afford anything else ...

  • ManuelSenfft
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    Regarding Davinci Resolve: isn't the only thing you cannot do in the free version the network rendering and all the 360° capabilities? It seemed quite powerful to me for a free piece of software. It did crash very often on my end, though. Also it just did not play back very smooth, even with simple motion graphic things I did in Fusion. That's why I am not using it.

    Regarding Adobe: well ... I totally dislike their pricing policy, haha.

    Regarding Vegas: I bought Vegas Movie Studio in the beginning of this year ... I regret that, after finding Hitfilm, hehe. :D ... seems like we all had to pay some kind of "apprentice's due" (it's some kind of saying in german .. not sure, if it works in english accordingly, hehe).

    Regarding Hitfilm: it's the only tool for visuals I found, which can load and play all the media I want, smoothly and it only crashed twice, while I was demoing the puppet tool so far. Except this situation, it just works and works and works - that's why I am so happy at the moment. I am also on a very complex video at the moment with motion graphics etc. To me as a non-professional visual artist it already is unbelievable, what I can do with this tool; even without paying so far. Especially the stability seems just great (on my system) - that would be already worth the money, in my eyes.

    Still: maybe I can understand you. If you are a full time visual professional, I am not sure, if Hitfilm would be able to compete with things like Premiere or After Effects (speaking of features and workflow). Having the pricing in mind on the other site I would clearly say yes, since as a professional you also should think budget-wise.

    Regarding buying Hitfilm: I rather tend to buy Add-Ons over time, if I need them. But I would do it with much pleasure then, since according to my workflow it seems just like THE perfect tool with which I can accomplish the things I want, visually.

    Again: I am a music and audio professional: so my workflow probably is way different than yours and if you are a professional, you for sure have muuuch more experience and comparison views in mind etc. Still: sad that you bought it without being "able" to use it now. Maybe some kind of refund is possible? I would contact the support, if I were you.

    Good luck to you, though. And all the best. Hopefully you will find your tool! (=

  • MattiaCuda
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    There is a LOT of differences between DaVinci Resolve Studio and the free version
    ( Follow this link to find out more : https://documents.blackmagicdesign.com/SupportNotes/DaVinci_Resolve_15_Feature_Comparison.pdf )
    DaVinci Resolves de-noiser and lens correnction are probably the best available on the market.
    To solve the crash problem if you are using Windows, just format and do a fresh installation cause Windows register gets messed up in a long term use.

    Vegas Pro always worked like that with presets for render ( and HitFilm Pro have the same issue ) you always have to make presets and save it even if you use it once. Aside from the interface ... Vegas is still a good program if you just have to edit clips. (it's almost like Premiere Pro without After Effects integration , no post prouction or effects. just editing)

    HitFilm Pro it's like After Effects with Premiere Pro integration. (it's viceversa of Vegas) But as a NEW software ... it has more problem than tools right now, will become better in the coming years obviously and I understand the need for money at the moment being a new software but precisely for this reason I don't understand why by buying it I only have 1 year of updates ... i will never buy an upgrade for it xD
    If they keep this idea, it will be only a "free" visual composer for youtubers at no cost to edit the videos that they rendered with Blender which has already a basic video editor ...

    Speaking of prices ... would you prefer to pay € 731.85 per year for the entire Adobe collection or (normal price) € 717.40 for HitFilm Pro, Ignite Pro and Imerge Pro? (and you still have to pay for updates after a year with this programs)
    ... just saying ...

    I hope this information will help you on your way :D

    Thank you for the chat and good luck to you!

  • ManuelSenfft
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    @MattiaCuda with Adobe it's that price EVERY year as LONG as you want to use the software. I call it "very customer unfriendly". In the music world there are even tools with free lifetime updates.

    With Hitfilm, if I got this right, you have a discounted upgrade price, if you want to upgrade to a newer version after the 12 months. If not, you can still use the tool anyway, since you bought a licence. With Adobe you cannot even use the tool anymore, if you do not pay anymore.

    Regarding Blender: it's kind of a nice try to have video editing, but absolutely not usable. The video is not smooth when playing back, doing motion graphics is ultra complicated (since the program is meant for 3D), etc.

    Also again, regarding Hitfilm: I find it totally fair that you basically just can use Hitfilm Express and only buy the Add-Ons you need. On the one site it might be more expensive, when you buy every add-on, but on the long run, it's kind of a lifetime free update. If I checked it correct, tha main thing Pro vs Express are some rare plugins (I personally would not use anyway) and the 3rd party OFX plugin support (I, as a non-professional here would also not use them). I, personally, find this policy very customer friendly.