Any tips on how to digitally remaster old footage

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Hi everyone, I have some old footage that is in color but is very old and grainy/blurry I'm trying to clean it up quite a bit. Any thoughts? Thanks


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    I've heard good things about neat video

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    @Dimipapa I have Neat Video, and I will say it is a fantastic noise reduction tool.

    That said, the plug-in version of Neat Video would require Hitfilm Pro to run. Hitfilm Pro ALSO has a video denoiser which is almost as good as Neat Video. Hitfilm's noise reduction isn't as in-depth in fine tuning the filter, but is a lot easier to use.

    Denoising will also, almost unavoidably, tend to soften the image a bit, which can be problematic if the footage is already blurry. @adamsfilms12 remind me if you're on Pro or Express. It changes the options you have available without spending money on Express add-ons.

    In general, first you'll need to deal with the grain. Then you'll need to do some edge sharpening to try and recover/keep detail, THEN you'll want to do any color/contrast adjustments.

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    DimipapaTriem23 I'm using pro I may try Denoising but like you mentioned I'm afraid of soften too much. I'm pretty new to the whole "remastering/restoring" thing but I think you're right I should focus on removing the grain first, then edge sharpening, which if you don't mind could recommend some tutorials on edge sharpening ? That's what I'm kinda hung up on at the moment thanks.

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    @adamsfilms12 Here is one @FilmSensei did on an effect called High Pass Sharpen that I seem to recall has some wiggle room to it:

    Hope it helps you out.  BTW, I have Neat Video for Pinnacle Studio and it was great for cleaning up 90s era VHS. But that was before I started with Hitfilm.


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    @tddavis thank you for sharing I'll give it a watch and thanks to FilmSensei for making the video