Cropped Image Problem

I'm using a 1920x1080 image - a slide that I created, but it's cropping it off to only include an area in the middle. I've searched for this issue and seen responses about vertical images, or the aspect ratio being wrong or the image being too large causing this issue, however none of these apply in this instance. I've tried importing it as a png, jpg and bmp and the results are the same.

The link below is screenshot of my WIP, as you can see the full image on the left does not match what is being displayed on the right and I can't seem to fix it (obviously I can edit the image to add more blank space but this seems a stupid workaround). The video clips I'm working with in this project are also all in 1920x1080.



  • katarinawyatt
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    Ok not sure why the imgur link isn't displaying and I can't seem to edit my previous post:

  • tddavis
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    @katarinawyatt Even without seeing the image (which by the way, you can't link directly using the photo icon in the toolbar. You have to upload your pix to a cloud site and then post a share link here.) I can bet that your image has a higher resolution than what you have set your project to be.  If you scroll out in the viewer window, you'll see the lines that indicate where the edges of the image are and you can scale it down the fit the timeline, or you can adjust the project settings to be what the image is.  Hope this helps you out.

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    I'll second what @tddavis speculated about there likely being a difference between your image resolution and your project resolution. Chances are the project resolution is 720p.

    When inserting an image from imgur, you don't link directly to the page where imgur shows the image. You have to open the image properties, then copy the URL listed in the "Direct Link" field (see below). Paste that into the Source field when inserting an image, and it will work:

    On a side note, to edit your original post, you have to go to the full thread list for the category, and you'll see a gear icon next to your post title. Click that to open a menu where you can choose to edit the post.