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EricNichandrosEricNichandros Website User Posts: 3

I tried sending a video to the Inside the Box Competition last night, and it just wouldn't send through the email because my file exceeded the attachment size. Any solution for what I can do to send it without exceeding the size?


  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,190 Moderator

    @EricNichandros You might consider posting it to Youtube as Unlisted and just sending a link to it, or you could upload it to a free OneDrive, Dropbox or GoogleDrive storage account and send a share link to it.  Then, there's always compression of the file with a program like XMedia Recode which I find can reduce file size to about a 1/10th with little quality loss.  Hope one of these is suitable for you.

  • EricNichandrosEricNichandros Website User Posts: 3

    Many thanks for your solution.

  • GarethOwenGarethOwen Website User Posts: 192 Just Starting Out
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    my file was 1.5gig i was like crap, so converted it in handbreak to 15mins then sent by email job done

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