Hitfilm Cookbook (and wiki) page 1 Color Wheels

Ok, when I started the concept forum some of you seemed hesitant. However we will not know if this will work without trying! So the basis of this is you geniuses provide information and I edit it and place it!
Now let's begin! Here are some ares that will be introduced inside the page. Please provide anything you can!
1. Usefulness (how often you use it scale of 1 to 5)
2. Explain what is happening
3. What are some sweet spot settings
4. What are some tips that keep the effect from going too far?
5. Anything quotable to say about this?
6. Any fourm topics I should link?
7. Tutorials that use this effect
8. Before and after examples
9. Anything else
Don't get overwhelmed if their is too much just cover as much of the effect as you have time for!
Remember I'll put in the work if you do what you allways do; provide awesome information


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