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Hello everyone, just a quick question. I'm currently using Hitfilm Express and found that I've been purchasing a lot of the add ons, making me wonder if I should keep getting addons, or just go ahead and get Pro.

My question is: Pro says it comes with 12 months of free updates. My understanding is that if my Pro v.X upgrades to Pro v.X+1 after that 12 months, I'd have to purchase the pro version all over again.

How does this work with Express? Is it more economical in the long run to pay more for features in the add-on store once, but get free updates? Or is there something else I'm missing?


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    @fxhomer250211 As I understand it, you don't really "buy" the next version of Pro you buy a year upgrade on the free updates and since it is an upgrade I believe there is usually a price break in there to factor in.  Especially if you catch the annual sales they run; used to be May and November but I think the  May might have been early this as they had one not long ago.  There are a few features that are still Pro only and you will not be able to get an add-on for those, but if you purchase every add-on there is for Express I am fairly certain Pro costs less and has those extras. I see the logic of the newest Express when your addons carry over but only you can decide if those Pro only features are something you might need down the road.  I started with Express for a couple of months and quickly saw I needed all the bells and whistles at some point so I went Pro and haven't regretted it, but that's me :)

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    Can anyone verify if upgrading to a new version has a discount?

    And is there any discount for upgrading to Pro if you’ve bought addons?

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    If one already has a Pro install one is offered a discount on extending updates. If you don't choose to continue upgrading you keep whatever the last version was of your license. 

    The PWYW has thrown old calculations off a bit, but, the last time I added it up, all Express add-ons came to close to $800, and, of course, didn't have Pro Only features. Also, Pro activates on three computers, Express on one. 

    Base price for Hitfilm is $399, extension tends to be around $280, but this is modified by sales. (Right now is 20%) So, buying all Express add-ons is about the cost of three years of Pro, for fewer features/installations.

    In general I'd say if one is going to spend more than $100-150 in add ons consider saving for Pro. Especially as there is no discount for upgrading to Pro from Express. 

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    There is this handy breakdown of what the 2 versions come with as well if this is of any help to you.

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