Looking For Compositing/ Motion Tracking Help for a proof of concept

EllsworthJEllsworthJ Website User Posts: 1

Hey guys,  Relatively new Hitfilm Pro user, but I have been using FXhome stuff since ALAMDV2 
(Yup I just dated myself) 

Was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with a project that I shot as a proof of concept for a mini-series. I hope to show it to some people that could help get it made. The work would be minimal, but instrumental in the immersion of the scene. Been trying for months and I just can't seem to get it looking right on my own.

I've done most of the effects work and color myself already. but I am having trouble with a motion-tracked image on the wall that I need along with some detail blurring on the image once it is tracked, it not being in the foreground's focus.

send me a message at  [email protected]  if interested, and I can show stills for reference.

you would get full credit for your work, and possibly a job if I can get it off the ground.

Thanks In Advance!

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