create the Marauder's map footprints and animate graved typewriter text effect

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i try a create the Marauder's map footprints and animate graved typewriter text effect to this

1) how can with hitfilm create the mask from text, and can easely dothis effect ? not the typewriter effect in package, i want reveal outline text as youtube below.

2) for the footprints, i have see some tutorials but i think is'nt very powerfull. how can with minimum footprints animate following path, why that, because a i want create many different path with different type of foot (woman, monster, men) and i dont want make one by one animation for all.

thanks you :-)


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    I don't think this is exactly that but heres something similar


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    @FXhomer88699 Welcome to HitFilm! The two effects you're asking about are very different. In the future, I suggest making one thread per request.

    The text outline reveal can be done using the Neon Path effect (built-in for Pro, an add-on for Express), though in HitFilm the effect is driven by a single text layer. Here's a quick look at the Neon Path effect:

    To have it reveal character by character, you'll need to do a bit more work. I suggest putting the Neon Path and text into a separate composite shot, where the full text is revealed and held for several seconds, with the Neon Path settings tweaked to remove the glow and only create a solid outline. In a new composite shot, bring in multiple copies of the one with the text reveal, use a mask to isolate a single character per layer, and offset the layers in time so the characters reveal one by one. Drop that comp into your main composite shot, where you can use various copies (as the demo video appears to show, though admittedly I only watched a part of it due to time constraints) to create the various layers needed for the final look.

    Footsteps are a lot harder, though after a not-so-quick play I got the start of something promising by using HitFilm's particle simulator (built-in for Pro, an add-on for Express):

    There's a lot more work to do to refine it, and I'll likely add this to my future tutorial list once I've messed with it a bit more. However, if you want to play with this really rough version, let me know.