Shutter speed and exposure

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So i have a problem am using iphone 11 and filmic pro to shoot and i locked my shutter to 1/48 because am using 24 frames however when i went outside i lowered the exposure as much as possible but still some area where so much exposed is there a solution ?


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    There are three things on a camera that affect exposure. Shutter speed, ISO, aperture.

    Aperture is the size of the lens opening. On a phone the chances are you have a fixed aperture and will not be able to adjust this setting. If you can, higher numbers are smaller openings/less light. 

    That leaves ISO. ISO is the electronic sensitivity of the camera sensor. Turning ISO down will darken the image. 

    If adjusting ISO doesn't get highlights under control you have no choice other than to raise shutter speed. 

    Bear in mind the "shutter speed is 1/2 of the frame rate" (180-degree shutter) guideline is a guideline, not a rule. Plenty of shows are shot at different shutter speeds. Sometimes because of controlling exposure, sometimes for artistic choices (many an action scene is shot as 1/500 shutter speed - like the beach assault in "Saving Private Ryan," the fight scenes in "Gladiator," and all the car chase sequences in "Mad Max: Fury Road." The key point in "filmic shutter speed" is to never go SLOWER than "1/2 frame rate."


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    @Triem23 Thank you very much learning new things everyday 

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    Hey, my smartphone doesn't support this can anyone tell me how to use Filmic pro or best alternative. Please Help

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    @eshalpaine what phone are u using and filmic pro is the best alternative to my opinion