Prores vs Cineform for PC

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I have just downloaded some free VFX from Action VFX and they are in Prores format. I have read on the forum that Prores is for MAC and Cineform is for PC. If true, then must I transcode these files before using them in HitFilm?


Note: ActionVFX is giving away some nice freebies of blaster shots and a space hyper jump.



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    Question was asked late at night, so even reading it myself in the daytime it does not make much sense.

    Q: I have a PC and now some Prores files. Do I have to transcode the files to Cineform to use them in HitFilm Pro?

    At the moment, I don't have access to HF.

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    ProRes is just a format. While Macs are more likely to use that format in certain situations, that doesn't mean that it won't work on Windows. It's up to the software to support it (or not), and based on my limited recollection, I believe that the Windows version of HitFilm will still use ProRes files.

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    @CleverTagline Very well said. 

    On Windows Hitfilm has native support for importing Prores files. Hitfilm will not export a Prores file on Windows. It you want/need to export an intermediate format it will have to be Cineform.


  • DataDesignDataDesign Website User Posts: 440 Enthusiast
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