Blender 3D fog export into hitfilm express

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So i wanted to export a fog that i did in blender but i dont know how to export it and import it i have express btw 


this is the tutorial i was following:


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    So I wanted to ask can i make a realistic ground fog using particle simulator in hitfilm basically i want to make a fog/ gas that crawls from the back until it reaches the screen however it crawling on top of the road or floor  

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    @arcfilm I use PNG sequence with RGBA to export out of Blender into a folder as seen in the first photo.  For something like this that I would want to overlay on some other video in Hitfilm, I would go to Film and click transparent as seen in the 2nd photo.[email protected]/49845435032/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/49845130176/in/dateposted-public/

    One thing that I have found when rendering volumetrics like smoke, fire and fog is I had to use Cycles not Eevee because it played havoc with the transparency I could not figure out what was going on there.

    Hope this helps you out rendering and you get it imported into Hitfilm successfully.

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    @arcfilm for now I've combined your two threads. 

    Tddavis has given you the basic information for rendering from Blender and transferring to Hitfilm. Since you asked about Express, I figured you'd want to resolve that workflow before committing to either spending money on the Hitfilm Express Particle add-on or Pro.

    Yes, you can make pretty good looking fog with the particle sim, but because it's lighting flat image particles in 3D space, you can get BETTER fog from Blender. Additionally, companies like Production Crate, Action VFX and others have stock footage elements of real smoke. 

    If you want to persue the particle sim option, just say so and we can discuss that, but, again, if you're already making fog in Blender, and/or with stock footage existing, those might be better places to start for now. 

    Just know getting started with the particle sim will begin with an hour or two of video tutorials. The particle sim is one of Hitfilm's most powerful features, but it's also the most complex. 

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    @Triem23 I do have stock image but first when i use demult they are very bright and hard to see even with luminosity  second i want them to be animated in a way it looks 3d like its crawling through the road from far until it reaches camera so is it possible to do with stock image?