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There is a effect on After Effects that is called Motion Tile. I am a instagram fan editor and i want to make smooth transitions. Because if i do a zoom in transition there is a black space around the image. And with Motion Tile it mirrors the edges so there isnt a black space anymore. Is there a way to do this on Hitfilm Express 14.3?

Please let me know!


  • Andy001z
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    Tricky, i had a look at what it does ( and thought ok that should be easy enough. But not so, or at least with my line of thinking.

    First I got an image smaller than my comp size. Then put that image in my comp. I can make it Clone easy enough using the Clone effect.  But that isn't what AE Motion effect is doing, it provides far more control. Using nested comps might improve things, and maybe building a comp that takes the nested tile comp and does the clever stuff to it. 

    There is also the Tile effect and it's ok but again not what you are looking for.


    @Triem23 any ideas?

  • Dimipapa
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     That's a neat effect.  I thought maybe some combination of the clone and reflection effect might be able to create something close enough but they way the reflection effect actually works wouldn't cut the mustard.  If feel like you could create a comp to mimic any of that but doing it easily not so much, and you would have to redo it each time if you wanted to chance it.  I look forward to the day HF can match AA effect for effect as it would hasten the day that AA becomes irrelevant.