Dealing, a lockdown project

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So, I am trying to make something out of this lockdown and that something is a short.

I am putting preproduction material on this folder, if anyone is curious (script and shotlist are probably the two things worth looking at)

And I have started shooting. No colour grade is final. I'll be putting tests, half baked cuts and other stuff here.

Feedback is welcome. Also, I have a Dell UP2516D and an iDisplay Pro. The contrast after I calibrate is crazy, which in the past has led me to grading with too low a contrast. I have looked at the video with sound on my phone and it is still pretty intense, but then I look on a different monitor (which I know is rubbish) and there's almost no contrast.

How do people go about this incredible inconsistency between people's screens? What is the target? As in, do I aim for something that looks the way I want on my phone because I assume that's some kind of middle point?


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    The target for video is to come up with something that doesn't clip and looks good on a calibrated monitor that can actually display the color space you've graded in. The goal with audio is to come up with something that sounds good on speakers and room with flat frequency response.

    The variations caused by other people's uncalibrated monitors (we haven't even gotten into monitor quality), or bad speakers, or messed up EQ settings, or messed up color settings is not, should not, and can not be your problem. It's absolutely impossible to account for.

    Even your own setup might be "off." The laptop I currently use, like MOST laptops, has a screen that reproduces only about 85% of the sRGB/Rec 709 color space (ie the color space for HD video). My PRIOR laptop had the panel with 99% sRGB reproduction. Oh, but wait! The Rec 2020 standard used for 4K is wider/different than the Rec 709 standard used for HD. And the DCI color standard is different again! The bottom line is my laptop, even calibrated, is not giving me 100% accurate color (hence why scopes are important.)

    Monitors made for high color work are significantly more expensive than most.

    That said, you do have a fantastic monitor. 10-bit color, and a good wide range of the different gamuts. So, a couple more thoughts:

    1) Make certain you set your scopes in your video editors to the correct color space for the media you're working on. If you're scopes are Rec 709 but you're editing 4k (rec 2020) then your scopes are misleading you.

    2) Make certain your monitor is calibrated to the correct color space for what you're working on. In this case you'll likely have different profiles stored in the calibration management software you'll switch between. This laptop, for example, is often paired with an XP-PEN 13.3" pen display tablet. I've got six different profiles saved on this laptop. sRGB, Rec 709 and Rec 2020 for both the laptop panel AND the XP-Pen, depending on which one will be my "Primary" display, and what I'm working on. It makes a huge difference.

    All that said, checking on your phone won't hurt, but, the main point is, overall you just can't account for/fix everyone else's crappy color choices. You can just keep it legal and make it look good on your gear.

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    Thanks for the advice, Triem. I know how to read scopes, but I completely overlooked the fact that the scopes have to be configured for the specific colour space, so I guess I can read scopes but I am not so good at using them yet!

    I let the x-rite software calibrate to the native colour space of the monitor, which I guess is a part of the problem, because that's not well documented (or if it is, no idea of where to find that documentation).

    So the question is: since most people have monitors that only barely cover sRGB, maybe I am better off calibrating to that colour space which I know is perfectly covered by my monitor (I think the x-rite software said I had something like 120% coverage of sRGB). 

    Do people generally grade to meet the sRGB colour space to at least have a better idea of how things will look?



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    Sorry for interrupting the discussion, but how do I know if the footage I recorded is RGB or Rec.709?

    Shall I calibrate the monitor for RGB, sRGB???

    To what color space should I set the scopes?


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    AFAIK, RGB (Red Green and Blue) comes in two variables. The s in sRGB is for standard, then there is adobe RGB which has an extended coverage (accepts more values) for Green, which is also very important for the brightness of your image.  

    You need to know your camera to know what you are shooting in. It is quite messy because there are a lot of combinations and you also have to think about gammas. 

    I thought this post was pretty good.

    All this only opens more questions. The only one of yours that I can answer, gathering from Triem's post, is: set the scopes to the colour space you want to deliver in.

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    For 1080p, when in Doubt, Rec 709.

    For 4K or higher resolutions, when in doubt, Rec 2020.

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    More progress. Ignore the sound.
    This one is the same, but I did not desaturate the shadows.

    And this one is too extreme and I am not happy with

    I think I like the desaturated shadow look best and will try to match that look in the future.

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    And more progress. I am starting to like this, but I changed the lighting and now I need to reshoot the time lapse which is kind of painful (each time I shoot it means about 40 minutes of sitting still by the window).


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    The three calls that are in the short are mostly finished (will finesse the editing and do some post processing to the dialogue, but I don't see much changing soon). 

    For your perusal.

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    Progress continues, slow and steady. Not having access to actors is not helping the quality and blessed be my partner for patiently playing along .

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    Missing 7 (or 9) shots, but almost done with principal photography!

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    And more progress, enjoyed the editing. Used a song by a friend. I like it, but as he himself points out, it feels very 2008, so not sure if to keep it.


    The other getting ready to party scene is definitely not working with my current cut though... Time to look for other songs and see if a different edit works. 


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    So close to being done, oh, so close!  


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    Final cut is done! It was very hard to get it down to 3 minutes for the rode reel competition, but I think it is mostly an improvement (will need a bit more time for a "director's cut"). 


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