Vegas + Hitfilm Integration Workflow Question

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could be biased here, but I find it odd that people complain about not able to import multiples clips at the same time from VEGAS to Hitfilm, even if this is indeed technically possible in Premiere to After Effects. 

I mean, workflow wise - if I have a sequence of clips that I want to edit and mesh together (lets say because I have crazy transitions that require 3d Camera layers), wouldn't it be simply wiser that I mesh it all in Hitfilm - take the project and throw it back into VEGAS?

Why go through the trouble of adding  Ädding clips from Pro to Hitfilm' and potentially introduce some bizarre performance issues? 


  • Andersen01498
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    I'm glad that I'm not the only one because Hitfilm pro doesnt recognize a nested timeline from Vegas pro 

  • Hictor
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    This is exactly what I don't get - why is that necessary to include a full sequence of clips (in yourcase a nested timeline) into Hitfilm?

    Motion graphic software are procedural in nature (basically, you're spending a lot of time on individual clips doing masking, color grading, motion tracking and what have you). Their timelines are vertical more then they are horizontal. 

    in other words, if your timeline has four clips (nested or not), how do you want it to show in hitfilm?  You're there for its compositing capabilities ,I'm assuming. So, would you want all four clips to show ontop of each other? If that's the case, wouldn't it be just more time saving if you just put them together in Hitfilm and then bring back into VEGAS?