I cannot open the video shot with my Huawei phone

when I launched the program, it is totally black pane with "file" and "edit" on the top edge, I cannot see medea panel and others. I tried to open an exisitng video I shot with my phone, it seems that it doesn't recognize the video in my computer. I get no idea what is wrong. 

I paid USD 19 for this progam and it doesn't seem to work now.  

I know it is most likely that I have yet to learn.  

so someone please help.


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    @doroto I suspect your phone is shooting in a proprietary format such as H.265 which HF doesn't support.  Plus, it is probably Variable Frame Rate, which is bad for editing.  Best bet is to transcode to H.264 at Constant Frame Rate with Handbrake or to the native Cineform CODEC with VirtualDub2  (again at CFR).

    More discussion on the subject in this thread - https://fxhome.com/forum/discussion/48928/can-you-please-add-support-for-hevc-h-265

    I highly recommend watching this video by @Triem23 for more details on transcoding

  • I have been having trouble importing the video i want to edit into HitFilm. I shot the video on an iPhone. I downloaded the video to my computer and then imported it into the HitFilm Express program. The program then indicated that QuickTime was required in order for it to use the .MOV video file type. I then downloaded it onto my computer then imported the video over to HitFilm Express once again. Now, after the video has been imported over, the audio for the video can be herd but the actual video doe snot play any footage. it is just a black back ground.  How can i fix this issue 

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    I've merged your thread with this one, because you both have the same issue. Your phone is currently set to record h.265 video which Hitfilm can't read. For future projects you'll need to set your phone to record h.264 (I'm Android, I know it can be done, but don't remember how.).

    For the current videos you'll need to transcode to a format Hitfilm can ingest. See Stargazer54's comment and video link, above. 

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    @fxhomer271703 This is most certainly because the phone footage is H265 in an MOV container.  It is a format not supported by Hitfilm and tends to lead to exactly this kind of behavior from what I have seen here on the Forum.  You will need to transcode your footage to an H264 format and since it is phone footage it most likely needs transcoding anyway because the likelihood is that it is Variable Frame Rate and that causes a whole 'nother host of issues in Hitfilm and other NLE's  In case you don't know what transcoding is here is a tutorial put out a while back by @Triem23 that will expl;ain a lot.  It is long but on the Youtube page there are timecodes to jump to the part you want:

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    This is too much  for a layman to work out.

    I saw a review article on China website listing HitFilm as one of the best apps for film editing. 

    Instead of asking users to transcode the footage, why cannot you guys upgrade your softward to include such formatted footage?  Isn't Huawei phone popular enough?  I guess there are many people will have this problem.

    Maybe I should have bought a softward made in China.

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    You must kidding me to ask me to watch the video. My English languange is limited. Even you talk about in Chinese, I cannot understand it either.

    Do you refund the payment for the purchase?  I may continue to use my mobile App Inshot for editing my video shot by phone. it works.

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    @doroto Stargazer54 and I do not work for FXHOME. Moderators are volunteers.

    But, to answer your question, Your Huawei phone is shooting h.265. We've discussed that.

    The patent holders who own the rights to h.265 charge a lot of money for it. Period. FXHOME could certainly add h.265 import into the program, and it would become an expensive add-on. The licensing costs for hardware encoders (like your phone) are about $1.50/unit. The licensing costs for a SOFTWARE encoder were - last time I checked - about $40/unit. If you want to pay FXHOME another $40 to be able to import h.265, please let them know.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with the popularity of the phone and everything to do with the MPEG-LA licensing fees.

    I post this, from a Huawei support site;
    "Problem 1:During playback of a video recorded by my phone on a computer, the computer does not display the video, displays it erratically, or freezes.

    "Solution:Download a player that supports 4K H.265 videos on your computer, or alternatively, select H.264 format and a lower resolution for your phone video settings."

    Even Huawei will tell you that your computer might not support the format they've used in their phones, and even Huawei will suggest recording h.264 (which Hitfilm does import) instead.


    Maybe these tutorials will explain things better for you.

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     All right. thanks for your time indeed.

    All the trouble of transcoding will take too much of time to figure out.  That time is more valuble for the USD 19 I paid for this app.

    In the end, I may have to find another software that works well with Huawei phone.

    Or due to the licensing cost, all other most film-editing softwares have the same problem?

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    BY the way, I am trying the Handbrake to see how well it can work. Pretty slow.

    Another question to you, and thanks for your help.

    When I open HitFilm, it reminded me about the scaling of my screen and adjust to below 125%, which will make the words very small to view on my computer.  If I igore the warning and proceed, will that cause a big trouble in editing the film?

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    @doroto This problem is not limited to HitFilm. If another editing software offers h.265, then you are paying for it with the cost of the software, which will likely be expensive.

     Your phone should have a way to shoot H.264 natively. However, phone video is still not the best for editing with... phones shoot in Variable Frame Rate, which is slower in any editor. For maximum speed, you will still want to transcode

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    Was having the same issue. Changed the video setting in my Android phone's setting and it solved it.

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