My Hitfilm Express 14 Keeps Crashing Every Single 30 minutes!

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So, let me start with my specs first: I5-7400

                                                                            GTX 1060 6 GB VRAM

                                                                            8 GB RAM

                                                                           Windows 10 64-bit

I am trying to make a Rocket League Highlight Video. Everything goes fine and all, I do my cuts, green screen,

memes. And After 30 minutes, BOOM! Crash. I open it again, BOOM! After 30 minutes, another crash. I really don't Know what to do, because this is what has been happening for the past 2 hours. (forgot to say that I only had 1 composite shot, if that is necessary)


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    @EnTarPie Your specs look fine.  Which version of HF?

    Might be a little low on RAM for a long project but I am curious about the imported video itself.  Please post a MediaInfo report.  I assume this is game footage recorded at Variable Frame Rate.  Would be best to transcode to CFR with another tool such as Handbrake.

    If you continue to have problems after that I would suggest contacting FXHome support.