Audio editing in HitFilm is useless

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It's my opinion, m'kay...
I purchased PRO version and I am totally disappointed :(
Audio in HitFilm almost does not exist. There is no sense to use video editor with almost not existing options for audio editing...No vst, no posiibility to tweak deep with sound like separating stereo audio channels for two separated tracks, and so on so on...I will not be using HitFilm for now, maybe I will back when you decide to finally do some significant improvements with audio editing at least same like Vegas. First thing should be implement VST plugins option...a lot of changes can be done by plugins, so you don't have to add a lot of functions inside of HitFilm...but now it is useless for standard film composition and editing.


  • Stargazer54
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    @arogant_film Sorry you feel that way, but (IMHO) HF is a pretty good "standard film composition and editing" tool.   As a basic editor it is definitely functional and the compositing functions are even more capable  (which is what I bought it for).

    That said, HF is lacking in the audio department and this has been a sore subject for many.  Any audio sweetening tasks must be done outside of HF.  If that is your main focus and for some reason you purchased without a test drive, then I can understand your frustration. 

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    IMO it would be more productive for FXHome to partner with... say Cockos than to try to take on audio editing, since it has a small team of developers. I'd rather FXHome stay focused on what it's good at; FXHome isn't likely to pull a black Magic and acquire Presonus or something like that and suddenly gain a bunch of expertise in the audio department.

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