Can HitFilm assets be moved anywhere ??

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I started a HitFilmPro project and told hit film to reference files from my desktop (by dragging assets and media from my desktop directly into the Media Bin). As the project grew I had like 120 icons on my desktop and I couldn't even see ky desktop anymore so I tossed them in a folder and now my desktop is clean. The problem is HitFilm now can't see them and I can't tell it to look to my n ew folder because it asks for file per file search. That will take a solid hour but I am ok to do it like that but it won't even let me. I can locate only one file per session opening. I am so confused.

I guess the lesson is to commit to location of your project and never ever move content anywhere because now I had to put my media back on my desktop so I can even work. Anyway, what needs to be set for HitFilm to be able to scan computer for files? I looked Options and Settings and there was no such a setting.

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    If I lose a link to a numbers of Hitfilm assets and it asks me to re-link them then doing it for the first seems to also do it for the rest in that same folder. Basically, I only need to do it once for all assets that have moved from Folder A to folder B.

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    @azmirahmmhed if you right click on the problematic asset you should be able to choose "relink" footage to put the footage in the new location. If you save and close the project however, you should get a dialog telling you the media is missing: linking the media here should relink all missing media if you kept the hierarchy the same for the new location.