have OLD windows tower with WINDOWS XP. yes.. I live in a cave. OK... have the ORIGINAL version of " VISIONLAB STUDIO" on CD DISK with the activation code. YET.,.. this company has DISABLED my ability to reload it onto my computer and I DON'T know WHY.. VERY frustrating and aggravating,

can ANYONE HELP me with this..??? this computer has been my ROCK and I bought the PROGRAM when this COMPANY was 1st started out... so yeah.. I'm a bit out dated . I get it.. but that should NOT nullify the fact that I BOUGHT the program YEARS ago.. with ACTIVATION code and used it for commercials etc.does ANYONE have a DISK AND code that STILL WORKS...?? because if YOURS does,..,. so should mine... ok./ PLEASE advise.....




  • TheBenNorris
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    @fxhomer274540 Because you're wanting to run VisionLab, I would suggest contacting support directly as I doubt there are many people on the forum who are also running such old software. Our support team will be happy to help you with your reload onto your machine. 

  • Andy001z
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     Hi @Fxhomer274540 did you put the VFX on that cool Starwars flashmob? Looks good and shows that even the early software from Fxhome has some great effects. I agree with Ben, try raining a support ticket. They might have a way around it, certainly they have a method for licence activation of products when people don't have internet (telephone) worth an ask.