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So i got my iphone 11 and i want to shoot a short film so i was looking into the apps and filmic pro is one of the famous ones but is it really worth it the 30 dollars or is there an alternative


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    Also, you need a good Microphone with your mobile to make the best film. 

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    1. What we talking here, first attempt at movie making our proamature stuff. 

    2. There software may help but it's what you film and how you use it that really matters.

    3. Do you have 30 to spend if not then all yourself what's not important, maybe a lav mic or a decent tripod. 

    Good luck

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    I purchased the boya mic so that would help hopefully, i saw an app called promovie it was much cheaper than filmic pro 

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    I’ve used both MoviePro and Filmic... I definitely understand wanting to save money, but I feel Filmic does things so much better 

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    HitFilmer196673 Absolutely. Get Filmic Pro. There are no alternatives, And if they do still get FilmicPro.because other stuff suck most likely or is not on par.  You are already shooting on an iPhone which is not great so you don't wan't to consider should you add quality, of course you should, Some feature movies have been made on an older iPhones and I am currently in a production of one small movie shot entirely on an iPhone. I would recommend Anamorphic lenses and maybe a gimbal. Filmic Pro is a must if you take yourself any seriously in my opinion. Sound you can do in post but it's great you got that mic.  All movie makers agree sound is more important than the picture so think of that a lot, But as far as Filmic Pro yes no doubt. 

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    TBH u have convinced me so i purchased the software and now am learning how to use it.