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Film Riot decided to do another one minute short film challenge. So naturally, I entered. This time I convinced my older brother to act in it, as I really didn't want to record myself. Like last time, this was shot on a canon 50d, with a kit 18-55.

That is a link to the channel where you can find my most recent short (A Night in)

I'm overall pretty happy with it, but there are a few things I regret. First off, I need to either not have a deadline, or shoot earlier, I didn't have a solid edit with sound until an hour and a half before the deadline. And I didn't have the final cut until fifteen minutes before. I shot the scene in the kitchen first, and I really needed to spend more time working on that lighting. I thought I could get the look I was going for with some color grading, but the thing with video from the 50d is that the files are insanely low bitrate and the colored noise is horrendous. Even at it's native ISO a basic color correction really starts to break down the image, so I had to be really careful with how far I pushed the grade.

Sadly (and luckily) This marks the end of an era for me. I'm trading in my 50d for a GH4 this weekend, and a tripod I ordered a month back finally arrived(up until now I've been using a step ladder and miniature tables as tripods). My friends and I also have a big short coming up this summer so they've both agreed to put money into getting quality lighting equipment. We've decided to start a little nonofficial production studio, mostly just working on short films and some music videos of covers we've made. In about six months I will have gone from a 100 dollar camera and a 50 dollar kit lens, to a pretty high quality camera and high quality equipment. 

If you want to subscribe, we have a lot of content coming up. Me and my one other friend who enjoy films are working on a few shorts while stuck at home. And once we're back together, we have a documentary/vlog we will be making about the production of our short film this summer. Before quarantine started we got a 6 foot by twelve foot frame up for the main set in the short. But quarantine Halted any work We could do on that.

Apologies for the long, slightly off topic rant there. I hope you guys enjoyed the short!


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