Hitfilm 2017 "upgrading" to Hitfilm Express (free) concerns

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Every time i open Hitfilm Express 2017 (the version i paid for back then) it asks me to upgrade to the current Hitfilm Express (free).

I've used the free version before, a week ago, and noticed that most effects i have access to in my 2017 version are now paid addons in this version.  My concern is that i wont have access to most effects i'm used to once i upgrade to this "free" version. Apparently this isnt even an upgrade, just a "please download this software instead" request. Can anyone clarify if this will be the case? If so, i'll have to forgo the upgrade and stick with my old software so i dont have to pay to re-use basic effects i already had.


  • Triem23
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    Ok, Hitfilm 2017 is Hitfilm v5 Hitfilm Express 8 (the next Express after 5) re-arranged the Add-on store. 

    What I believe happens is, any effects you've already purchased should carry forward, but won't necessarily fully match the current packs. 

    Usually I'd tag Ben to sanity check me, but that point was last clarified to me by @KirstieT

  • triforcefx
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    @Pheep You could always try installing the latest version and seeing if your addon effects carry over. HitFilm 14 will actually install alongside HitFilm 2017, so if it doesn’t work for your needs, it’s super easy to switch back.

    However, as Triem23 mentioned, your individual effects should carry over even if they don’t align exactly to current addon packs. If they don’t show up, you should be able to contact support and they’ll help you out

  • tddavis
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    @Pheep One thing to add if you upgrade.  The interface will be in Light mode as 2017 does not qualify for the grandfathered in clause to retain Dark Mode.  If you think Light mode will bother you, your only option is to use the pay-what-want slider and set it to $9 for the add-on pack that has Dark mode and a few other useful effects. You can install 14 and then downgrade to 13 with the same activation and it will still have dark mode but you will lose the latest features added to 14.2

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