Is transcoding the same as changing the preview file format in Premiere?

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Basically what the title says. I was watching a video and it mentioned in premiere that setting the timeline to cineform is better for editing. I was wondering if just transcoding the footage to cineform is the equivalent to that. They also mention that if you render the video as cineform. Then import it back into premiere. Then if you make a small change then it would render faster than if you just made the change in the original project. 


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    The timeline has no codec setting; it's designed to allow you to use clips in various codecs. So it's definitely not the same thing.

    You don't transcode your footage by rendering your timeline, that's painfully inefficient and doesn't accomplish anything because you'd be editing the heavier footage. Render EACH CLIP to a more edit friendly format (which includes Cineform), and then import THAT footage into your NLE of choice, which at that point can include HitFilm.

    HitFilm has a rather nice editing toolset, so that's what I'd recommend; transcode to Cineform, import into HitFilm, and focus on the editing. Don't even worry about FX until you're feeling pretty good about your edit, or you'll never actually get around to finishing your edit. :)


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