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Hey guys.........ever think about making up some groovy "HitFilm" T-Shirts?
I already have some great FXhome polo shirts/t-shirts.........but love to have one with Hitfilm on it.
What are the chances?? :)


  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast
    The problem with this kind of merch is always that demand is fairly low (relative to the actual userbase), which means prices end up being annoyingly high to cover production costs. Which is why we normally don't go down this route, unless there's something unusual going on (eg, the HitFilm for Mac Kickstarter).
  • WedgeOzWedgeOz Website User Posts: 204 Enthusiast
    Well that answers that..........thanks :)
  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast
    Heh, sorry if I sounded a big negative! It's brilliant that you'd even like a t-shirt in the first place. :) Maybe we should release a DIY kit so people can make their own.
  • TimLan635TimLan635 Website User Posts: 50 Enthusiast
    Isn't this the kind of thing that cafepress does well?  (and there are probably others...)
    It seems like I've seen other corporate or organization websites that offered logo'd shirts, mugs, etc., and when you click the link it goes through to a cafepress page, with examples of the logo'd products, and prices.
    I don't have any personal experience with this, but I had the impression that cafepress and the corporation/organization had a specific working arrangement, and with some expectation of sales quantities the merchandise was offered at a more normal price, rather than the "one off" price for a design-your-own t-shirt.  Maybe the corporation even gets a cut of the sales?
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,245 Ambassador
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    Cafepress works as follows--Cafepress takes it's cut for a shirt. You can set whatever price you want, but Cafepress takes it's cut.
    As of right now, looking at cafepress's design page, T-shirt are between $11 and $18 per unit at it's cheapest bulk rate, assuming single side printing. XXL and larger shirts are an additional $3/unit. Let's say FxHome goes with black T-shirts. That's $13.86 each for a men's shirt, $14.86 for each women's shirt, and another $3 per shirt for anything larger than an XL. This doesn't count shipping and handling for the bulk order. Since Cafepress is US based and FXHome is UK, assume expensive overseas shipping.
    Note that these bulk rates are per-size, but reflect orders of more than 48 shirts. Still, you're talking at least 8 sizes merely for men's/women's S, M, L and XL. 10 sizes to add XXL, and 14 sizes to add kids S, M, L, XL.
    Let's stick with 8 sizes and assume 50 prints of each basic size per order. I'm going to round prices up to the nearest dollar to make the math easier. (50*(14*4))+(50*(15*4))=$5800, PLUS shipping. This really isn't a lot of shirts, but, considering FXHome needed a "mere" extra $50k for Mac development*, I'm assuming they're a small enough company where near 6 grand for 400 shirts to sell isn't economically feasible. They're going to have to charge close to $30 to make decent money off the sales (and, sure enough, if you look on the cafepress store, most shirt go for about $30--the on sale ones being $23-25).
    Now, I hate to sound like a negative nelly, because I'd WEAR a Hitfilm T-shirt (My "Write, Shoot, EDIT, Repeat" Film Riot shirt came today), but I can see why Simon says FXHome likely isn't considering T-shirts at this time.
    Cafepress is a great concept, but they really charge massive amounts for setup and build cost, which tends to force creators into small-run niche products. If FXHome were to make shirts, I'm certain they could find a vendor much less expensive--there's a local shop in So-Cal that did the shirts for my last band, and that only cost us $8 (mens)/$10 (women's) per unit, so I can't imagine there not being better options in the UK.
    *I like to assume the "mere" $50k for the Mac kickstarter was extra funds to pay some coders some overtime to get the thing out faster? $50k really isn't much money in terms of corporate software development. That basically gets you one more coder for a year.
  • CalebKCalebK Website User Posts: 435
    considering FXHome needed a "mere" extra $50k for Mac development*,

    That is a real big shame! So many video editors use macs! (maybe those who can afford macs can afford adobe after effects (which has a messy boring workflow)) They deserve much more for their hard efforts.  It made me so happy to see it when the mac version was available! I could finally get an after effects program for a great price!  The workflow is so clean and organized it seems apple made (imovie is much more disorganized and it has way les features).  I just hope their sales pick up from us apple users!  (not to mention it is an unbeatable deal because it comes with an unbelievable community)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,245 Ambassador
    No, no, that line wasn't intended as "a shame." It's actually pretty amazing when you think about it! FXHome obviously has some good organization to allow it's staff to create such amazing software without millions of dollars of dev work! And good coders!
    (It should be noted that Photoshop, ,Premiere, Pro Tools, Avid and After Effects are basically the five programs that kept Macs afloat from about 1996 to about 2008. Even now the Mac is a tiny tiny part of Apple's business. Last year Apple sold more iPhones, and iPads than they sold of all Macs, ever, from 1984-2014.)
  • WedgeOzWedgeOz Website User Posts: 204 Enthusiast
    Hey Simon...you weren't negative at all. I understood where you're coming from completely :)
    And yes guys.......I've gotten about 4 T-Shirts/Polo Shirts with FXhome logos etc from Cafepress in the past. They're great. It's great to wear shirts that I'm passionate about.
    And yes.....a DIY kit would be terrific one day :)
  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast
    Yeah, Triem's on the ball with the Cafepress analysis. It's a cool service in theory, but the prices are way too high for casual "oh, why not?" purchases, which is what this kind of t-shirt needs to be. Bulk purchasing to get costs down wouldn't make sense, and on an individual per-customer cost it's really high, to the point where we can't put any additional margin on top of the base price...and it all gets a bit fiddly.
    We could indeed produce t-shirts cheaper locally, and have in fact done so several times for internal use (or use at shows, etc). The problem then is, again, having to bulk purchase, and then having to handle the physical and admin side of shipping t-shirts, which we're simply not set up to do, being a digital-only product vendor.
    I agree that it'd be sweet to have t-shirts, mousepads, mugs etc with some HitFilm branding, but currently there's not an obvious way to do it in a minimal-resource kinda way.
    As for the Mac Kickstarter - a lot of the raised money was specifically for equipping our developers with more Mac hardware and development tools. We didn't take on more staff for the project, but prior to the Kickstarter we were set up as a PC dev, and only had 1 Mac in the office, and that was a pretty old one. The Kickstarter enabled us to equip multiple devs with Macs, thus accelerating development, and also enabled us to equip our QA team with what they needed to test the software prior to release. So the Kickstarter was less about staff and more about equipment.
  • MatthiasClaflinMatthiasClaflin Website User Posts: 674 Just Starting Out
    Anyone can download a JPEG of the hitfilm logo and then make their own shirts. It would cost about as much as buying it directly from Hitfilm since they wouldn't be able to bulk order anyway. Just a thought.
  • CallTheMouseCallTheMouse Website User Posts: 4
    Be sure to ask permission to use the Hitfilm logo, preferably in writing. I do vinyl cut decals. Copyright laws can kill a small business if not followed. I am not saying anyone at Hitfilm would go after a user for using their logo for personal use, but if if money starts to get involved, you know how that goes.
  • MatthiasClaflinMatthiasClaflin Website User Posts: 674 Just Starting Out
    I'd like to go on record saying that I didn't intend to advise anyone to sell the shirts. Knowing the guys from Fxhome, I am sure they would not mind the free publicity associated with a personal t-shirt.
  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast
    Yeah, anybody selling shirts with FXHOME property on it is a big no-no. But if you just want to make your own thing for your own use, I can't see us telling you off for thinking we're high style. :)
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