An y brand of laptop to avoid for hitfilm

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HI Guys, 

I am considering replacing my 5 year old gaming laptop and wondered if there were any brands to avoid for use with hitfilm pro. I seem to remember in the past there were issues with DELL and Alienware but I could be wrong. It's going to be a large investment from my perspective (£1300 or more) so I need to get it at least close to right. So I need to know if there are still some brands that cause issues. 

Thanks guys


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    This is personal opinion, but I always try to avoid anything HP. Not particularly for HitFilm, but when I ran a computer repair shop, I saw more HPs than anything else... and they always seemed to have the strangest of issues that reeked of low quality, even at the higher end. You probably already know this, but unless you need or are dead set on a Mac, don’t get one. The power just isn’t there at the price you’re wanting.

    Even if you plan to buy from another retailer, look up the Amazon reviews for any system you’re looking at... even the most reliable brands have a few lemons.

    It looks to me like your biggest question will be Power vs Portability. It sounds like you’re set on a laptop, but if you want desktop-class parts, it’s probably gonna be pretty chunky and heavy. Too thin, and you’re going to sacrifice a lot of power. Upgradeability is also something to consider.

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    Hi @triforcefx

    I think you misunderstood. This wasn't for advice on how to choose a laptop per se. I'm in IT professionally so I'm aware of a lot of the pitfalls. That said useful info about hp but they are not on my list anyway. This was more that I seem to remember the odd brand having driver issues with hitfilm. Namely the ones I mentioned. I'm probably looking at msi or medion as a brand. I have asus rog now and it's been brilliant but they are pricey now and harder to source.  Might be a corona thing. Laptop it will be and I understand the tradeoff, though it is much less than it used to be. 

    Portability outside is not so important but being able to use it I  different rooms in the home is so a desktop is out for now.

    Mac was never an option for various reasons.

    Oh pc specialist is another brand I'm considering too. Not sure about them though.

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    If you are going laptop, look for a "gaming" laptop.  Usually you can get plenty of CPU and a good amount of RAM, but the key item always seems to come down to GPU.  Shy away from Intel integrated and focus on NVidia.  I'm not sure the brand matters.  Each manufacturer builds low, medium and high end machines.  You get what you pay for there.  Definitely want a warranty.

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    Dell/Alienware has a potential conflict because Dell Backup doesn't play well with Hitfilm. Otherwise, no specific brand issues. 

    Consider Clevo/Sager as a brand. I've had to go through custom gaming configuration sites to find that brand, but consistently get better power/price ratio. 

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    Hi guys,

    @stargazer54 I'm way ahead of you. Looking at i7 hexacor min  16gb min and nvidia gtx 1660 or rtx2060 or above.  They both seem to offer the best bang for buck Intel wise. I don't really understand amd and their range so not really looking at them at the moment but I assume r7 is i7 etc? And yes I was looking at gaming PC's. My current one is asus rog so that I already understand too.  Useful into for others though.

    @triem23 those brands I don't know. I'll check them out. I knew there was something about Dell and alien wear. That explains it now so thanks for that info.

    Thanks again to all that gave suggestions. If anyone knows where I can find a list of AMD gpu  and their nvidia equivalent that would be great.  I still prefer nvidia but always willing to get more for my money.


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    Had a quick look. It looks like those are US brands but pc specialist is effectively sagar in the uk. I have been looking at them already as they offer a bit better price for the same spec and they offer co figureable options for memory, gpu, drives etc.

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    @DreamArchitect No problem... most of the time we don’t know how much experience others have when it comes to choosing computers... even people that seem fairly experienced in other parts of the forum can struggle with other things.  

    I will say that most configurations should be fine as long as it’s using fairly standard parts. Of note, in the past, HitFilm development has prioritized Intel and NVIDIA parts over AMD (AMD hardware decoding came almost a year after the others). Other than that, AMD parts still work great. (Though it looks like you’re already going in the Intel+NVIDIA direction)

    You are right... the virus stuff has definitely interrupted supply chains and pricing for a lot of parts is through the roof, so that may be something to weigh when considering timing.

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    Hi @triforcefx,

    Well funny you should say that but I then did some research and I'm starting to think ryzen 7 with nvidia is the way to go. I think the asus supply thing is due to them being 2020 models not released till later this week. Anyway got my eye on an asus tuf a17. 1660 ti card. Ryzen 7 4800h. Was the hardware decoding GPU or cpu. If it's gpu then that combination looks good I think. Best of both worlds perhaps as the ryzen in question is 8 physical cores 16 threads. 

    You are right about timing though. Hard to know what to do about anything at the moment.

    Oh and I'm probably the opposite.  Know far more about the tech than I do about filmmaking and hitfilm.

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    Thinking about it again, Ryzen should normally be fine, as long as no CPU-specific optimizations come to HitFilm. It’s the NVIDIA GPUs that are most important to have.

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