FILMSTRO : A basic walk-through by a novice user.

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Think this should go in here?


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    Tony I'm gonna move this from "Everything Else" to "Filmmaking."

    Although I think either sub-forum works, but Filmstro is music and music is part of filmmaking. All copacetic?

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    Yep, all good with that.

    I'd be interested from other Filmstro users if they get similar lag when building a project.
    I have a 3770K (no overclock) with GTX 760 and 16gb of RAM so it's possibly my machine.

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    Do you know if music downloaded from Filmstro still belongs to you, if you let your subscription lapse?

    There are so many nice musical pieces, that I would like to download, but don't have a project right now to use them in. But I would like to keep them on my computer until I have a need for them.

    Also, if I have downloaded and used a piece, can I still re-edit the score after the subscription lapses, or does Filmstro stop working? I watched your video, but I am still a little foggy on these items.


  • DafterThings
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    The simple answer is "I don't know"

    Filmstro offer 30 seconds version of the static tracks copyright free and 'in perpetuity but I don't know what happens with the software if I allow my license to run out.