Procedural Lightning Setup

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I was inspired by FXhome's latest video to post on here again, so I will!

So Hashi at Red Giant made a tutorial for AE on this, before he posted it though, Hashi posted a tweet showcasing the effect, and I managed to just guess it right:

so I then decided test the effect a couple days ago, this is the most recent test from today:

Some other tests are here on my Instagram:


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    Yeah, that's one of Hashi's better tricks. Your versions look really good. 

    Good on you for figuring it out. It's always good to try and figure out how an effect is done before watching the tutorial. If you guess correctly, you win! You've learned enough to identify techniques. If you guess wrong, you win! You get to learn new techniques! 

    Speaking of learning, this is a good time to say (again) how much you've improved over the past year. You've been soaking up every tip we've been feeding you, and you've obviously been paying attention to tutorials, and it's paying off. ?


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     Thanks Triem, it means a lot coming from you, being one of the people who knows a lot about the software and VFX in general, thanks for sticking around for the improvements at all, glad I'm noticeably improving at a nice pace, hope this keeps up for a while!

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