Not being able to Import Jpg's and Png's

felsway Website User Posts: 2

So I've made the whole video and at the end I wanted to add Transparent picture. So I go and download the Images I want and try to Upload them. Then I get a message saying file not supported. Any tips?


  • tddavis
    tddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,732 Moderator
    edited April 2020

    @felsway You might try opening it in a dedicated photo editing program like GIMP or, if you have it, Photoshop or even PhotoStudio and re save it into an opposite format of what it is.  Note, if it has transparency and you want to keep that use PNG, TIFF or, I think, TARGA.  Then try to re import it into Hitfilm.  The image may have been saved or created with a setting that Hitfilm does not play well with even though it is a common format. Hope this helps, and if you still are having trouble, maybe upload it to a sharing site and post a link so others (myself included) can play around with it and find out what gives.

  • felsway
    felsway Website User Posts: 2

    Will do Tomorrow. I'll give an update then.


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