My First Videoclip on one of my Italian song entitled: "Melina Melina"

munzicmunzic Website User Posts: 3 Just Starting Out

My first video clip shot and edited entirely at home (in the hard times of the Coronavirus) with HITFILM.

Time must pass. :)

Sorry if the video quality will not be excellent, the video clips were shot with a simple mid-range smartphone, but I played with valuable musical instruments! almost always!

The song "Melina Melina" was born as a Valentine's Day gift for my girlfriend!

Thanks for your attention!

Have a good day!




  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,175 Moderator

    @munzic A very good example of how it can be over complicated to be able to go anywhere to make a vid and it can all be done even in isolation...assuming the jet footage was stuff lying around :) excellent guitar skills too!  Well done.

  • munzicmunzic Website User Posts: 3 Just Starting Out

    Thank you very much!

     I stole the Jet from youtube, I have to admit it.  

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