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Hello everyone!

I spent three days this week working on a one-minute short for the film riot stay-at-home challenge. I started out shooting a totally different short, but I just wasn't feeling a connection to that project, so I decided to change. I made the switch Wednesday afternoon, had until sunset that night to film, and had Thursday afternoon to get all coloring and editing done (done in hitfilm pro and premiere). Considering the time constraints of this project I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Below is the link to the channel where you can watch the short. I don't wanna do the beg for subscribers thing, but if you honestly like the short and wanna see more from me and my friends consider subscribing! We've got one more short in principle photography right now, and another one in pre-production. Hopefully one of those should be up by the end of the month.

Thank you all for this amazing community and the support it gives!


  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,179 Moderator

     @Vagabonding101 Very in-the-time-of-corona!  Nice sense of isolation and how bored that isolation can make you.  Well done.  You conveyed a lot in just a minute.  Hope it does well.

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    I agree it gives a nice sense of isolation or loneliness. The track is well selected and I liked the subdued, washed out look. 
    I *might* have framed some of the shots slightly differently and, perhaps, have started already sitting on the roof. That's probably just personal choice though.
    Good job especially with the kit used.


  • Vagabonding101Vagabonding101 Website User Posts: 50

    Yeah,  Some of the framing could definitely have been improved. Going into editing I was not entirely sure what sequence the clips would appear in, I ended up thinking that the walking onto the roof would be a nice introduction, but in retrospect, I agree that starting on the roof probably would have been a better way to start it. It works either way though.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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