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Hello everyone, I started on hitfilm express and I came across this tutorial  and I am looking to make some modifications. I wish this final result but impossible to achieve it



... if you can help me please (the tutorial project is available for download as a link on the video)






  • tddavis
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    edited April 2020

    @trhhhtr I was a little confused by exactly what you wanted to do here so I made two little quick play by play captures of what I think you might be wanting to do here.  The vid I used is just something I'm working on at the moment so it's bizarre :)  Hope this points you how to do what you want.

    Did you mean this?

    Or did you mean this?

    Edit: Just realized that it doesn't clearly show that you have to double click those items in the media bin to open them on the timeline below to work on them.

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