No more updates for PhotoKey Pro?

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I read an article that there would be no more updates for PhotoKey Pro 10, and that it would be replaced by ImagePro - however, I don't see anywhere that Image Pro is for video clips - it appears to be for still image export only (jpg. png). What's going on? Isn't PhotoKey the only GREEN SCREEN software for VIDEO? Also, there doesn't seem to be any viable competitor to PhotoKey, yes or no? Why pay 200 (w/30% promo off) for PhotoKey Pro 10 if they will no longer update it, and it's possible being replaced by software that costs 1/2 as much (ImagePro)?


  • JavertValbarr
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    Neither PhotoKey nor Imerge support video import, that's what our video editing software HitFilm is for.

    PhotoKey will no longer be receiving updates, that is why it's listed under our "Legacy" software.

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    Hi Itor,

    PhotoKey Pro is indeed in legacy status. If you're looking for something to greenscreen video footage, we'd suggest HitFilm Pro as it's keying technology works in essentially the same way as PhotoKey's chroma key (and comes with lots of extra video functionality like 3D camera tracking, animation, rendering and over 870 effects and presets).

    Imerge Pro will replace PhotoKey in terms of Image compositing (and can do a lot more too!).

    I hope that helps!

    - Steven

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