Now's the time to plan something big

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Many of you will be stuck at home over the coming weeks or months, itching to get out there and create something. You can use this as an opportunity to set yourself up for that career-defining short (or maybe even feature?) that could really show the world what you're capable of.

If you spend even just 20 minutes per day working on concepts, scriptwriting, storyboarding, connecting with other creatives to get a crew together, and planning your production schedule, when it's safe to do so, you'll have the blueprints to your dream project ready and waiting, all you'll have left to do is make it!

So, with that in mind, what's the plan?


  • TomCowles
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    May not work for some, but here's my battleplan!  

    • Week 1 & 2; R&D Time. Throw everything into a mood-board of things to make, concepts & even stills you like. Experiment, testing effects and techniques as you wanna be sure you can pull it off. Is there a pattern?
    • Week 3; Plotting. Bullet point the beats to your film within the 3 Act Structure or Story Circle. Also, who are your characters? What do they want? What are their faults? Spend time turning them into real people that the audience can connect to. 
    • Week 4 & 5; Write Right. That idea you have needs all your focus. You're going to spend time writing things, returning the next day and amending each time. Take your time, don't rush, spend more than a week if necessary, it will only pay off.
    • Week 6; Board that Story. Doodle up how your going to tell this story- it can be stick-men or existing images, but as long as you as visualize your story, your almost there. 
    • Week 7; Animatic Fanatic.  Scan your storyboard panels and throw them into HitFilm. This gives you a great chance to play around with the edit. How long do you think you'd hold on this shot? What sound effects are you going to need? If you've got dialogue or a soundtrack in mind - record it and throw it in there as well. You've gotten as close to your film as you possibly can & when approaching people to join the final thing they have something to visualize. 

    This is a rough outline for what I'm doing with an (expected) 15 minute short. What's everyone else's approach looking like? Any plotting a feature at all?? Would love to hear other folks approach & maybe swap notes! 

  • TheBenNorris
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    @TomCowles @StevenSpicer ...somehow I missed this forum post, this is a cool idea! Maybe now is finally the time to start thinking about making something...

  • StevenSpicer
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    That sounds like a plan @TomCowles! Can't wait to see the final result!