Keyboard Shortcuts Randomly Don't Work In Editor

sparkypi Website User Posts: 2

I've seen some similar discussions but nothing quite like what I'm experiencing. While editing, some or all shortcuts just stop working altogether. This includes the ripple delete tool (which I've reset to 'D'), the 'slice' tool (I have it on 'X'), the frame-by-frame keys ( . & , ), and even the space bar. Somehow the cut and select tools are not affected, but otherwise at this moment I cant interact with the editor except with mouse, and I have about an hour's worth of footage left to comb through. Most likely restarting HitFilm will solve the problem temporarily, but I'd rather not have to restart every 20 minutes on a 3 hour project :P.


  • TheBenNorris
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    @sparkypi have you been working with text by any chance? Typically having the text tool selected is the main cause for a lot of these problems.

  • sparkypi
    sparkypi Website User Posts: 2
    edited March 2020

     No, I haven't placed text for 3 hours. I am aware of the conflicts between text and the editor, but this has been happening on its own. In fact, that's another frequent problem I keep having. Sometimes when typing text, I'll try to type a period, K, L, or some other symbol, and suddenly my editor is playing or moving a frame forward or back. Makes it impossible to type complete sentences when that happens, because the O, J, K, L, . , and space bar are suddenly off-limits. Do you know what's happening there, too?

    And a third thing (sorry for piling so much into one discussion), OpenGL just started crashing like crazy, so I can only edit in 10-20 minute increments before it crashes. This is a recent problem, not overlapping with the issue discussed in the main post, and in fact has nullified the initial issue somewhat because I can't work long enough for that problem to occur again (the initial issue seems to only happen after a significant time in the editor). How do I get OpenGL to stop crashing :P. The seizure-inducing flicker effect that happens as it's breaking is not very pleasant to look at XD.

    Finally, I feel I should clarify the initial issue not an active window problem either. I have specifically clicked several other windows, then the editor, making sure the little blue "active" bar appeared when clicking the editor window, and the shortcuts would still not work.

  • TheBenNorris
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    @sparkypi the OpenGL issues are typically related to system problems, could you list your system specs please? There's a chance this could also impact the shortcuts, but it's difficult to know for sure what the solution is with shortcuts without a video for example.

  • NighthawkNZ
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    I am having the short cuts issue sometimes work then not work then ... then a crash out of the blue and not sure what causes the crash I haven't had an issue since I upgraded my system a while back...

  • TheBenNorris
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    @NighthawkNZ the crash is most likely a separate issue. Please create your own thread and provide your machine specs, OS and driver dates if possible.

  • ItzikS
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    It happens to me as well.

    I'm on the Trimmer tab, pressing J, K, L for few minutes.  It works for a while.

    Suddenly it stops working...

    I'm making sure I'm on the Trimmer selected. Nothing helps. Sometimes killing the program helps, sometimes not. It's random.

    I don't use text currently so it's not the issue.



  • Fenrir4life
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    Similarly; fresh install of Hitfilm Express 14.  Some keyboard shortcuts work (ones for changing the mouse function) but most do not (such as for navigating timeline)

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