A new Subtitle solution for hitfilm, Subtitle Wand

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Hi, I'm Chinyun,  an amature Hitfilmer, and software developer of the open source project, Subtitle Wand.


Because there are a bunch of fancy (Premiere)subtitles that used by Taiwanese youtubers (I'm Taiwanese), It will be lack of views If youtuber's video have no subtitle. And there is a day that push me to Adobe Premiere, but I hate the whole experience with Premiere, If you don't use Adobe Effect, you will never make a FINE video, so that's why a fairly amount of crackers that overwhelming the internet.

The fact pushed me back to Hitfilm and think about what's the best Subtitle solution, and I finally figure out, that should be a time for me to make a solution, so Subtitle Wand comes out.

About Subtitle Wand

Subtitle Wand is an image-based solution, to let hitfilmer import Sequence of subtitles by using Image Sequence. And It's open-source and cross-platform for any users.


All subtitles in the video are generated by Subtitle Wand.


If you got any issue, feel free to feedback in repository, I'm willing to help, If I have some time :P

(Sorry for repost, I seems to delete accidentally)