A new Subtitle solution for hitfilm, Subtitle Wand

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Hi, I'm Chinyun,  an amature Hitfilmer, and software developer of the open source project, Subtitle Wand.


Because there are a bunch of fancy (Premiere)subtitles that used by Taiwanese youtubers (I'm Taiwanese), It will be lack of views If youtuber's video have no subtitle. And there is a day that push me to Adobe Premiere, but I hate the whole experience with Premiere, If you don't use Adobe Effect, you will never make a FINE video, so that's why a fairly amount of crackers that overwhelming the internet.

The fact pushed me back to Hitfilm and think about what's the best Subtitle solution, and I finally figure out, that should be a time for me to make a solution, so Subtitle Wand comes out.

About Subtitle Wand

Subtitle Wand is an image-based solution, to let hitfilmer import Sequence of subtitles by using Image Sequence. And It's open-source and cross-platform for any users.


All subtitles in the video are generated by Subtitle Wand.


If you got any issue, feel free to feedback in repository, I'm willing to help, If I have some time :P

(Sorry for repost, I seems to delete accidentally)


  • TokenYet
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    Update note:

    1. Add video export support (ffmpeg in env requried).
    2. Rework canvas transition. It's more smooth currently.
    3. Refactor all atribute.
    4. Add SRT support. Now It's a switch for Plain and Srt.
    5. Add about page.
    6. Add coffee page.
    7. AOT version (JIT before), that scale total file size down, more exffectively.
    8. Rework frame control panel to function panel, support position, scale reset.


    I think this is the most smooth way, If you have any ideas about the program on Hitfilm, feel free to comment.

  • Triem23
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    Hmmm. This looks clever!

  • EvilDaystar
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    Baking subtitles into the image isn't great for accessibility. Using text file based solutions like srt files and the likes offers greater support for people using computer assistance like the vision impaired. It also allows the subtitles to be disabled when not needed.

  • TokenYet
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    I know the point you considered. The key point is in Asia's famous youtuber, all the guys use in-video subtitles, so If you can't catch up, you'll be lower rank in user experience. That's why I made this software to help Hitfilm.

  • juanmanuel3d
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    In my book, the more options you have to make something, the merrier. Srt-based subtitles are great, but so are image-based subtitling. It depends on workflows imho. Image-based subtitles can make powerpoint-esque versions of a video presentation easier to achieve.

    Just my two cents.

    I will look at the software you are mentioning, thank you for sharing.

  • RikVargard
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    I don't know if I'll need it... somehow I feel I will someday... but it's amazing you took the time to make this!

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